Game Guidebook


Signing-Up for Tuesday/Thursday Play

We use Golf Genius to schedule weekly play. You will receive two Golf Genius emails (via coordinator Michelle Harrah) each week inviting you to play; one email for Tuesday play and one for Thursday play.

Roster & Assigned Tee-Times
About 24 hours prior to play, members who have signed up to play will receive an email with the roster of players and assigned tee-times.  Please arrive at least 1/2 hour prior to your tee-time.

Signing up is a commitment to fellow golfers that you will be there to play, and our members take that commitment to heart.  We also know that emergencies come up when we least expect them.  If you need to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, let Michelle know as soon as you can. 

Contact Michelle Harrah, Golf Genius Coordinator.  She is happy to answer any questions you may have!

Scorekeeping & Handicap Information

Keeping score benefits all golfers, regardless of their level of play. It serves as a benchmark from which they can learn about their game, improve, and track their progress.  It’s also a rule of golf and incumbent upon each of us to keep and post all our scores during OGA’s official season of play from March 1 through November 30.    

Tuesday & Thursday Play – Official Scorekeeping

Handicap Information
The Handicap System is the very best method for golfers to compete equitably on any course with others of differing abilities.  As a member of the OGA, TMLGC must follow all rules and regulations associated with scoring, posting and handicapping. 

Rules & Pace of Play

Rules of Golf
TMLGC plays by the USGA Rules of Golf.   

Pace of Play
Pace of Play is considered one of the most important rules of golf etiquetteGood pace of play is a shared responsibility and increases everyone's enjoyment of the game.

Game of the Week

Game of the Week is a fun and sometimes challenging competition.  Each week there will be a different 9-hole game that you can opt into playing for $2.  This is optional and would be paid cash to the clubhouse when you arrive for golf.  Each week, winners split the pot and can use their winnings for purchases (green fees, food, merchandise) at Tri-Mountain Golf Course. 

Your group will keep a game scorecard that will be separate from your regular round scorecard.  At the end of your round, place the scorecard in the box labeled “Game of the Week”, located on the front table in the clubhouse.  An email will be sent with winner information to all who participated in the game. 

View the Game of the Week Schedule here and on the Ladies' Club bulletin board at Tri-Mountain.

Questions?  Contact Dianne Elliot, Game of the Week Coordinator.  

Opt-In Activities:  Challenge Yourself  / Chip-Ins, Birdies, Eagles / 32 Putts / Hole in One

Please note that you must buy-in to these season-long elective activities prior to your first TMLGC golf outing.

Challenge Yourself
An optional $5 per 9-hole buy-in, Challenge Yourself is a great way to track your improvement from the beginning to the end of the season. 

Chip-Ins, Birdies, Eagles
An optional $5 buy-in for the season; track your chip-ins, birdies and eagles during TMLGC play.

18 holes Putts: 32 Club
An optional $5 buy-in for for the season to demonstrate and improve your putting skills!

Hole-in-One Club
An optional $2 buy-in for the season.

Questions?  Contact Kim Cederholm.