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We are proud to be an all-volunteer organization.  
Our members work hand-in-hand to support a friendly and robust golf experience.

Read more About Us and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to join us as a guest.

Board of Directors

Michelle Harrah

Vice President
Suzie Robinson

Cassie Johnson

Kim Cederholm

Past President
Kim Cederholm

Club Coordinators

Events and OGA Match Play
Carol Hawley

Golf Genius Coordinator
Michelle Harrah

Game of the Week Coordinator
Sam McIntire

Handicap Chairs
Bev Frank 
Kim Cederholm   

Club OGA Director
Pamela Bartlett

Challenge Yourself Coordinator
Kim Cederholm

Social Media (Facebook)
Cassie Johnson

Newsletter & Website
Bonnie Gilberti